Alison combines the anecdotal with the documentary to create comics that at once humorous, informative and personal . Her narrative work is inspired by travel, by parenting and by her day-to-day life North of 60.

Her debut graphic novel Ramshackle (Conundrum Press, 2015) won the 2015 Northwords Prize. Ramshackle spans the author’s first summer in Yellowknife and is part travelogue, part comic book and part guide to the North and its quirky inhabitants.  Her next book based on 6 months of Circumpolar travel will be launched in the spring of 2018. For more information on the project and book, please visit

About Ramshackle :

Her book, too, is warmly makeshift, looking busy, cramped and earthily coloured, but welcoming and amiable all the same. As McCreesh’s title admits, her Yellowknife is just one among many – this is not the story of the city’s mining industry, or government workers, or Dene peoples. Instead, her outsider’s perspective and her good-humoured portrait of the Woodyard community help introduce her readers to a particular part of Yellowknife life, as McCreesh herself was welcomed once.

Sean Rogers,  Globe and Mail, Dec 18th 2015