Alison is fond of using wool as she does paper: to draw, illustrate and journal.  As with the rest of her work, the artist combine the narrative and the documentary to create piece that capture moments and tell stories. The artist has explored using wool in wall sized murals, large hangings, small intimate pieces and stop-motion animation.

Some examples of stop-motion animation research :
Wind Storm (2013)
Trees (2016)
Pulssi 62.9720º N (2017)

In curated group settings, Alison’s felt work has been presented at the Centre National d’Exposition, Saguenay QC (2009),  AyrSpace Gallery  (2011), the Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik NWT (2011), the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival in Dawson City YT (2008,2011),  the Open Sky Festival in Fort Simpson NWT (2010, 2011, 2012, 2015), the Centre Bang in Saguenay QC (2015).
Alison has also presented two fibre based solo exhibitions They Call us Squatters ( presented at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery  (2012) and the Yellowknife Artist-Run Community Centre (2012) ) and Muffled ( La TOHU (2013), the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre (2014), the Media Centre Vyhod (2017).







Inspired by the traditional duffle hangings so popular in the North as well as by the appliqués that still commonly decorate parkas, Alison uses different pieces felt and bold contour lines to create hangings and illustrations that speak of the places she visits. In 2011, Alison’s two dimensional felting work was featured in the “International Women Celebrate” show (AyrSpace Gallery – 2011), as well as at a selection of juried Northern arts festivals (Great Northern Arts Festival in Inuvik NWT, Yukon Riverside Arts Festival in Dawson City YT, Open Sky Festival in Fort Simpson NWT. From June through August,her fibre work is featured in an exhibition at the Yukon Arts Centre Gallery. To view photos of the show titled “They call us Squatters” ,please click here.